Paola Lizano



About the brand

Established in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2021, Paola Lizano is a contemporary brand for all women dedicated to femininity, freedom, & love.

Paola Lizano was created with the intention to generate a positive impact on the lives of women around the world. Our purpose is to run the brand with love, freedom, and transparency. It is important to us to emphasize that true beauty comes from the heart regardless of what we wear, and our intention is to reflect that invisible beauty through clothing in order to create a union between the heart and each design. We want Paola Lizano to be a safe space where we can support each other, share with each other, and love one another.

We are not only devoted to bringing this vision to life whilst producing high-quality, luxurious, and timeless designs but most importantly, to provide fair labor and sustainable production practices. We import all of our fabrics from small family-owned producers that develop distinct and unique materials utilizing natural fibers that have a minimal environmental impact. Promoting truth and transparency in every aspect of the design process is one of our main goals while developing each collection.

As a Costa Rican-based company, we are dedicated to serve our community and impulse the brand to be a platform to generate local opportunities in the fashion industry and to further develop our team’s expertise to produce beautiful and lasting pieces in a space for growth, motivation, and creativity.

For our first collection, we decided to talk about the purpose and values ​​of the brand. That is why our inspiration came from “El Corazón de Dios.” The purest heart there is guides not only each piece we design but the identity of the brand as well. This first collection is the beginning of our journey to feel accepted, loved, and where we can embrace our raw beauty just as the Heart of God wants to do so.


As we are an ethical and sustainable brand, all of our designs are made-to-order, with the intention of reducing waste and eliminating overproduction.

Sustainable Production

Our pieces are designed and crafted by our close-knit team in Costa Rica, and as a brand, we strive for process transparency, sustainability, and fair labor.

Custom fit

We aim for a perfect fit, that’s why besides providing a standard size chart, we will be offering custom sizing and alterations with no additional cost.

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